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Results Alerts via Email and SMS Text

SailRacer Results Alerts - the results you want, when you want, where you want

SailRacer, the online results and events management provider, successfully launched its SailRacers Results Alerts service at the 2009 RYA Youth National Championship held in Largs, Scotland. More than three hundred subscribers and over 2000 email alerts were distributed – an excellent result for the launch of the service.

A very straightforward administration system enables subscriptions, whilst the event organizer just has to upload the results and automatically the email or SMS will be sent to subscribers. Fans wanting to comment or send messages of support to the sailors can send SMS updates back to the event website, in a similar manner to Twitter.

The parent of one sailor commented,

This is an excellent system – I am getting the 29er results in Dubai before Lucy gets them – and she is in Largs!

Competitors may automatically sign up for the service either at time of entry, registration or at any time prior to or during the event. The system can also be used to alert competitors and officials to protests, hearing times and other event information.

SailRacer Results Alerts is a powerful tool providing results updates on your favourite sailors directly to your email, mobile phone or pager. You choose the results you want, when you want and where you want. Never miss crucial results updates whatever you are doing and wherever you are.

Email alerts results

email race results alertsSubscribe to email results alerts to get the latest results straight to your inbox. You can select by class and event down to a particular sailor.
Mobile SMS results alerts

For those on the move, you can sign up for condensed results to be sent to SMS Mobile alertsyour mobile as SMS Text messages.

SailRacer Results Alerts is simple to implement, with event organizers only needing to paste one line of code into their existing website to offer subscription. Email alerts can be styled to suit the look of the event and include event logos, sponsors logos and other key information. Event Organizers can offer the SailRacer Results Alerts as a free service or choose to use it as a revenue generator by charging subscribers. SailRacer Results Alerts will increase interest in events, increase web traffic and can be used to provide an immediate information service to media.

Subscribers can choose to receive results in differing formats; top ten results, results of a selected sailor or full results. Either the entire results for the event can be requested or just for a particular class or classes. The SMS service will provide condensed data within the character limits.

The SailRacer Results Alerts service is now available to all Event Organizers. For further information and rates please contact the Sailracer Events Team.


SailRacer Results Alerts - the results you want, when you want, where you want

About SailRacer
SailRacer is the concept of Simon Lovesey, a lifetime sailor by sport and passion and an IT expert by profession.
Understanding the opportunity the internet offers to make sailing event information, promotion and management more accessible, Simon developed SailRacer.

SailRacer offers a comprehensive and linked solution for managing sailing information online and is flexible enough to be used by all involved in the sport – there is no need for MNAs, event organizers, classes and clubs to reinvent the wheel for their events and activities. SailRacer is about accessing the power of the internet to promote sailing.

For further information on the SailRacer Results Alerts and the full range of online results and event management services we offer please click here or contact the SailRacer Events Team on


Set-up,  includes 500 texts & unlimited emails 155
Additional 1,000 texts 75
Additional 5,000 texts 350
Additional 10,000 texts 625
 *Contact us for larger volumes
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