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Sailing Classes


Class Type Portsmouth Yardstick PY Number of Crew Rig Type Spinnaker
<2000 1100

2000 Videos

Latest Results

Click here for 2000 SkiffFest @2000class results 2000 SkiffFest @2000class
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10 Boats Brightlingsea Sailng Club Oct 2017
Click here for 2000 Nationals @2000class results 2000 Nationals @2000class
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23 Boats East Lothian Yacht Club Aug 2017
Click here for 2000 Inlands @2000class results 2000 Inlands @2000class
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13 Boats Ullswater Yacht Club May 2017
Click here for 2000 Sprints @2000class results 2000 Sprints @2000class
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4 Boats Rutland Sailing Club Apr 2017
Click here for 2000 2000 Open results 2000 2000 Open
Event Results...
28 Boats Thorney Island Sailing Club Sep 2016

Sailing Clubs where the 2000  DINGHY has raced

Bala Sailing Club
Brightlingsea Sailng Club
Castle Cove Sailing Club
Chichester Yacht Club
East Lothian Yacht Club
Rutland Sailing Club
Thorney Island Sailing Club
Ullswater Yacht Club
Weir Wood Sailing Club
Weston Sailing Club

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