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Results for Rod Porteous

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Tasar February,2001 Rod Porteous 57 100 Worlds View
Tasar September,2006 Rod Porteous 11 44 National Championships View
Merlin Rocket August,2008 Rod Porteous 42 78 Nationals View
Handicap April,2009 Rod Porteous 39 85 Glyn Charles Pursuit Race View
TASAR May,2009 Rod Porteous 11 32 National Championhips View
MERLIN-ROCKET August,2009 Rod Porteous 39 58 National Championships View
Handicap May,2011 Rod Porteous 84 163 Glyn Charles Memorial Pursuit Race View
MERLIN-ROCKET June,2011 Rod Porteous 14 36 Craftinsure Silver Tiller series View
TASAR September,2011 Rod Porteous 46 56 World Championships View
No Selection May,2012 Rod Porteous 52 107 Glyn Charles Pursuit Race View
No Selection August,2012 Rod Porteous 6 52 Cock Of The Harbour Pursuit Race View
TASAR August,2012 Rod Porteous 20 30 Tasar National Championships View
TASAR September,2014 Rod PORTEOUS 6 21 Tasar National Championship View
TASAR September,2017 Rod Porteous 12 30 Tasar @TasarNationals View
TASAR September,2018 Rod Porteous 7 41 Tasar Nationals View

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