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Results for Colin Snowdon

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
Fireball November,2008 Colin Snowdon 26 38 End of seasons View
Fireball May,2009 Colin Snowdon 37 63 Nationals View
fireball October,2010 Colin Snowdon 29 44 Inlands View
fireball August,2011 Colin Snowdon 36 56 National Championships View
FIREBALL September,2012 Colin Snowdon 18 39 Fireball Inland Championship View
No Selection November,2012 Colin Snowdon 78 97 Draycote Dash - Overall Results View
FIREBALL August,2014 Colin Snowdon 36 45 Fireball National Championships View
FIREBALL October,2015 Colin Snowdon 11 17 Fireball Open View
FIREBALL August,2016 COLIN SNOWDON 42 55 Fireball Euros @ukfireball View
FIREBALL October,2018 Colin Snowdon 21 28 Inlands @ukfireball View
FIREBALL November,2019 Colin Snowdon 18 24 Fireball Inlands View

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