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Results for Alan BISHOP

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
No Selection August,2019 Alan BISHOP 24 34 Ullswater Ultimate - Great British Sailing Challenge @ClubUYC View
SOLO April,2019 Alan Bishop 45 46 Solo Winters View
Handicap December,2018 Alan BISHOP 31 86 Grafham GP, Slow - @SeldenMasts View
SOLO April,2018 Alan Bishop 11 54 Springs @solosailing View
SOLO February,2018 Alan Bishop 22 57 Winters @solosailing View
Handicap February,2018 Alan Bishop 92 127 Tiger Trophy @GJWDirectUK 6 View
SOLO October,2017 Alan Bishop 33 60 EOS @solosailing View
SOLO July,2017 Alan Bishop 30 90 Nationals @solosailing View
SOLO April,2017 Alan Bishop 3 18 Open @solosailing View
SUPERNOVA July,2016 Alan Bishop 52 120 @SupernovaDinghy Nationals View
SUPERNOVA February,2016 Alan Bishop 8 39 Supernova Winters View
SUPERNOVA September,2015 Alan Bishop 15 57 Supernova Inlands View
SOLO May,2015 Alan Bishop 7 45 Solo Southerns View
SOLO October,2014 Alan Bishop 53 65 Solo End of Seasons View
SOLO October,2014 Alan Bishop 5 24 Solo Eastern Travellers' Series View

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