Day 1 of the Mirror Nationals kicked off with a brisk breeze and big seas that had being building over the last few days. This led to a short postponment to allow the Race Officers to assess the conditions.


Many of the competitors had arrived in Pwllheli at the beginning of the week to get in some practise before the competition. However, after the big winds had kept the fleet ashore for the last few days everyone was keen to get racing. With the threat of a black flag to keep racing on time, the race got under way on the first start.


The current European Champion, Chris Rust now sailing with his sister Jessica, led at the windward mark, from 2005 World Champion Ross Kearney and Katy Jones of Ireland, with 2008 National Champions the Barry sisters in third. Ross and Katy took a brief lead but fell in after loosing out on a luffing match with the Rusts.


The winds were building with gusts of over 25 knots and 1.5m seas that made judging the position of boats quite hard, as they disappeared when crossing tacks.


At the finish the Rusts took the bullet, from father and son Paul and Austin Taylor from Australia and Ross Kearney and Katy Jones from Ireland in third. Tom Lovesey and Milly Pugh were first juniors in fourth. Showing great speed in the testing conditions, African Juniors Howard Leoto and Renaldo Mohale in their 40 year old boat came in 11th showing you don't necessarily need to have a new boat to do well.


The evening beach games saw the RSA team winning.


The UK Nationals continue to Saturday, with the Worlds starting on Sunday.

170506Ross KEARNEYKaty JONESStaunton Harold62IRL36.
270519Tom LOVESEYMilly PUGH/Poole Yacht Club32GBR45.04.0(14.0)
370502Charlotte FITZGERALDAnnie SIBTHORPNA19GBR51.
470513Andy SMITHTom SMITHNotts County SC97GBR133.0(90.0 DNC)
570574Millie NEWMANMitchell BONDBrightlingsea Sailing Club34GBR60.06.0(15.0)
669776Emma BARRYMartina BARRYBrightlingsea SC41GBR137.0(90.0 DNC)
870546Paul - Tales TAYLORAustin- GO AUSSIE GO !!! TAYLORPrincess Royal Sailing Club - Albany Wes3AUS85.
970504Hugo SLOPEREmma SPRUCEHillhead29GBR152.05.0(90.0 BFD)
1070538GUY WILKINSClare PETERSONWhitstable YC31GBR86.09.05.0(19.0)
1170515Edward GREYBeth GREYRwyc67GBR88.010.09.0(18.0)
1270571Liam WILSONJessica STOUTRoyal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club9AUS106.
1370537Christopher RUSTJessica RUSTNA27GBR111.
1470563Harry YEOWARDNick ELSDONRhosneigr / Royal Windermere Yacht Club59GBR148.
1570567Roseanna YEOWARDCharlotte BROWNRhosneigr Boatowners Association60GBR133.0(24.0)
1669667Martin EGANTom COSIERRestronguet Sailing Club54GBR142.
1770535Will PARKINSONHannah BROWNNA18GBR158.
1870252David MOOREAlison NORBURYNA25GBR161.015.0(36.0)
1970562James HAZELWOODAlex DOUGLASDee SC30GBR176.014.018.0(33.0)
2070437Alex LLOYDJack MOOREBsc26GBR184.
2170117Anita SCOTT-MURPHYBen CRUSEWilliamstown Sailing Club1AUS186.022.0(29.0)
2270503Nicky HAIGHWill NICKSONRoyal Windermere Yacht Club13GBR193.
2370556Peter SEDGEWICKNick PughPoole Sc58GBR210.
2464909John BRICKWOODSamuel BRICKWOODNA104GBR267.030.0(90.0 BFD)
2570356David CONLONCharlotte BONDBrightlingsea33GBR280. BFD) DNCNA190.0
2670536Meia HARNETTElin HARNETTWhitstable Yacht Club43GBR292.0(90.0 DNC)
2770201Alice COURAGELibby COURAGEPoole15GBR262.
2870465Graham DALYEoin HICKEYSkerries Sailing Club56IRL310.0(90.0 DNC) RAFNA220.0
2969675Megan BRICKWOODAbigail TANGUYGuernsey Yacht Club55GBR273.023.021.0(53.0)
3070384Jeremy HOLDCROFTEmmanuel MORAKEEmmarentia Sailing Club16RSA299.
3169805Jack MayeMuiris FitzgeraldSligo Yacht Club37IRL280.044.035.0(45.0)
3270190James WILKINSONWill SEARLEMounts Bay SC68GBR326.0(90.0 DNC)
3370225Cian HICKEYSean WELDONSkerries65IRL332. RAF)NA242.0
3450735Howard LEOTORenaldo MOHALEMsc Defence35RSA338. BFD)90.0 BFD27.036.0NA248.0
3570153Philip BENNN/a N/AN/a69GBR304.034.040.0(52.0)
3670534Yeadon & HlscMatthew LULHAM-ROBINSONOtley46Benjamin LULHAM-ROBINSONGBR(48.0)
3770391Eloise HANSENInge-lisa HANSENNorth Lincs23GBR345. BFD)
3870498Calum McKenzieRory McKenzieNA24GBR313.
3970560Maddy ANDERSONNina ANDERSONBrightlingsea21GBR316.040.046.0(57.0)
4070426Helena PUGHLiam ANGRAVEPoole Yacht Club45GBR354.0(90.0 RAF)
4170167Catherine HIDEEllie HIDERipon50GBR355.0(90.0 RAF)
4270222Jack SPREEDaisy JAYCOCKLooe Sailing Club72GBR329.025.044.0(61.0)
4370010Oliver WHITEWilliam HIDERipon52GBR374.0(90.0 DNC)
4470347Anna WATKINSRosie WATKINSPoole Yacht Club14GBR341.
4570529Kerri Ann BOYLANERICA RUIGROKSkerries70IRL342.047.0(53.0)
4670064Lawson - THE LORD TAYLORMitch- The Saint SAINTYPrincess Royal Sailing Club - Albany Wes2AUS381.036.0(90.0 DNS)
4770154Tom HENDERSONBrittany HENDERSONRoyal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club8AUS354.
4869705Fuad JACOBSJermayne WOLMARANSZvyc61RSA383.035.0(90.0 BFD)
4970533Michael HillSarah HillRoyal North Of Ireland Yacht Club17IRL389.0(90.0 DNC) RAF4.011.090.0 RAF90.0 DNCNA299.0
5070243David LAINGRory LAINGGeorge Lakes Yacht Club12RSA355.
5170381Cundell John STATTCundell Peter STATTGeorge Lakes Yacht Club39RSA370.039.054.0(58.0)
5270507Johnny HILLAdam HILLRoyal North Of Ireland Yacht Club4IRL412.0(90.0 DNC) DNE19.015.090.0 BFDNA322.0
5369922Tim LACHLAN-COPETheo CLARKEHunts SC53GBR385.
5431809Brian BOWDLEREsther BOWDLERLooe Sailing Club71GBR398.041.0(60.0)
5569490Candice SMITHIELauren SMITHIEMilnerton Aquatic Club40RSA414.
5670525Jack LAWSONGregory LITTLEKillington Sailing Association51GBR419.
5770456Emma GRAYSONRachel GRAYSONBeaver Sailing Club36GBR457.0(90.0 RAF)
5870348Ben WILKINSJoe WILKINSChipstead73GBR426.
5970412Kuba MISZEWSKIStorm AVERYTheewater Sports Club66RSA439.042.058.0(62.0)
6067506Evie CLEMANCEVictoria REEDPoole Yacht Club47GBR475.0(90.0 RAF)
6170455Dan HARNETTDrystan HARNETTWhitstable Yacht Club42GBR455.
6270100Roger HAIGHNaomi angraveNA96GBR504.0(90.0 RAF)
6370493David PANNELLHelen PANNELLBrightlingsea38GBR509.0(90.0 DNC)32.090.0 RAF90.0 RAF22. RAFNA419.0
6439970Rory NICHOLLLily CHARLESWORTHRoyal Windermere Yacht Club49GBR509.0(90.0 DNC)
6570351Mark WILSONRuby CHARLESWORTHRoyal Windermere Yacht Club10GBR519.0(90.0 DNC)
6670549Mali HARNETTIsabelle BRUTONWhitstable Yacht Club44GBR530.0(90.0 DNC) DNCNA440.0
6770395Rex HENDERSONAndrew HENDERSONRoyal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club7AUS547.0(90.0 RAF) BFD56.061.063.0NA457.0
6858325Stewart REEDTom or Katy ReedNA101GBR553.0(90.0 DNC)
6969202Ben STIRRUPCharlie REEDBosham S C100GBR540.
7069287Craig FORRESTCalum MUSTARDShetland Sailing Centre74GBR556.0(90.0 DNC)
7170564James LOVESEYKim MAY-PAPAILIOUPoole YC32GBR557. DNC)90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNCNA467.0
7262765Amy STEVENSHettie STEVENSHunts SC63GBR551.
7369489Daniel TATTKeegan EKERMANSTheewater Sports Club57RSA569.0(90.0 DNC)
7468115Ryan PADROCallum PADROShustoke SC105GBR571.0(90.0 DNF)
7570226Mateusz BIENCZYKMichael PAGACZOntario Mirror Dinghy Association22CAN571.0(90.0 RAF)
7669801Jonathan HAPPSJessica BUTTERWORTHNA103GBR583.0(90.0 RAF) RAF70.
7757201Luke LAZELLFrankie TURLEYUp River Yacht Club64GBR597.0(90.0 DNC)
7869524Rorie GOODLADKarl ELDRIDGEShetland Sailing Centre106GBR604.053.0(90.0 DNC)90.0 DNF76.
7969525Saul SWANSONFraser MCKENZIEShetland Sailing Centre107GBR612.054.0(90.0 BFD)90.0 DNF77.
8070136Aoife HARRISONClodhna HARRISONSkerries Sailing Club48IRL627.0(90.0 DNC)90.0 DNF90.0 DNF74.
8169797Colm HACKETTNANA11IRL720.0(90.0 DNC)90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNCNA630.0
8169558Kevin HACKETTHugh DUFFYMullingar Sailing Club28IRL720.0(90.0 DNC)90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNCNA630.0
8170558Cillian DICKSONPeter REGANLough Ree Yacht Club90IRL720.0(90.0 DNC)90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNCNA630.0
8170557Cormac DICKSONNANA86IRL720.0(90.0 DNC)90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNCNA630.0
8170290Andrew BRADYSarah WHITESligo Yacht Club94IRL720.0(90.0 DNC)90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNCNA630.0
8170333Alfie WISDOMNANA99IRL720.0(90.0 DNC)90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNCNA630.0
8170346Hal MILLERJohnny MILLERItchenor Sailing Club5GBR720.0(90.0 DNC)90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNCNA630.0
8159736Chris MOORETom MOOREChipstead SCGBR720.0(90.0 DNC)90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNCNA630.0
8153215James NOOTTNANA102GBR720.0(90.0 DNC)90.0 DNF90.0 DNS90.0 DNF90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNC90.0 DNCNA630.0

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