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2 Points Cover The Top 5 Men at the end of Race Day 2

The wind moderated overnight so conditions today were by no means extreme. That is not to say that they were easy for some. 15>18 knots of breeze does not  induce the same sudden and unexpected wish to take a swim but it can be a handful nevertheless.

Dorian van Rijsselberge [NED8]  took both races in the yellow group. These wins boosted him up the overall standings to share the top spot with Nick Dempsey [GBR1]. Nick posted a consistent 4 then 3.

There's standing room only on the third step of the podium. Przemyslaw Miarczynsjki [POL126], Ricardo Santos [BRA1] and Nimrod Mashiah [ISR21] are all tied on 12 points.

Przemyslaw scored a 3 and a 7; Ricardo scored a 2 and a 1; and Nimrod a 2 and a 4 but what, I hear you ask, of the two Quing Dao medallists racing in this RS:X Windsurfing World Championships?

Well, Julien Bontemps [FRA6] broke a mast and therefore DNF-ed the second race of the day. Now languishing in 30th position his campaign is by no means over. When the discard kicks in he will certainly be back in contention.

Would that was also true of Shahar Zubari [ISR11]. He has  a total points score of 55 so has had an unspectacular start to this championship. He obviously is happiest in the light. Planing conditions are not his scene. The points eloquently demonstrate that.

What is amazing though is the performance of Nikos Kaklamanakis [GRE1] who has squeezed his 41 year old body into 10th overall. In a breeze he can give just about anyone a hard time. But he readily acknowledges that when it goes light, he is really no longer the force he used to be.

His compatriot, Byron Kokalanis [GRE8] could be the new wunder kid. He has had to wait quite awhile for the chance to take center stage. He has earned the position the hard way. But his steady row of 6th places on the score sheet show that he now has the consistency and the maturity to take on all comers in all conditions.

One thing is for sure. There will be a rest day on Monday which will be much appreciated by the racers. They have had a rough old start to their campaigns.

For us, it will also be a welcome opportunity. We are certainly the victims of our success. 20,000 visitors viewed 910,000 pages yesterday. We have exceeded that today. Just to put that into perspective, the online RS:X Windsurfing Regatta Centre maxed out in Israel on medal race day with 3,500 visitors. So we had about 6 times that number on only the first day of this RS:X World Windsurfing Championships!