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RS:X World Championships: Practice Race Goes Ballistic

There does not seem to be any lack of wind here in Weymouth.

Joao Rodrigues [POR] is nothing but impressed. He has been here for a month and is loving every minute. Not one windless day. He cannot believe his luck. Racing on the extreme edge of control with the 9.5 is tough. It is acknowledged by all to be a monster in a breeze. Nevertheless Joao is looking forward to racing in these RS:X Windsurfing World Championships despite the prospect of being ‘flipped over the handle bars’ once or twice!

The Practice Race was scheduled to start at 1300hrs. The Race Committee wisely postponed in good time. A vicious squall whipped over Chesil Beach to blast across Weymouth harbour topping out at 40 knots. Poor old finishing boat was having a hard time holding its position under power let alone keeping its hook in the ground.

The Practice Race finally got under way at about 1415hrs with more competitors sitting in their coach boats behind the starting area than actually racing. Check out the Flikr images to see a fanatastic sequence of images of Charline Picon [FRA] going over the handle bars at the top mark. She was by no means the only one.

In the meantime, the groups have been posted at the Regatta Centre. Both men and women will sail in two fleets. We look forward to a great week’s racing supported by a ‘professional’ RYA race committee and shore team.

The First race is scheduled for 1100hrs tomorrow so pin your ears back and stand by. If these winds hang around its going to be war out there